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Bullion is a term that investors and metal traders use to describe a bar or coin that is pure. Usually bullion describes Gold, Silver, or Platinum that is minted into at least 99.9% purity (".999"). Typically gold is minted or cast into .9999 fine (99.99% pure, or "four- 9's"), and silver into .999 fine. There is always a huge variety of bullion on the market, from an always-growing choice of mints. Bullion is commonly traded, and sometimes preferred, when it is in the form of a United States Mint Coin. These are the most easily recognized, and often also carry numismatic (collector's) value as well as metal value. However, just because a coin is not a U.S Mint coin, does not mean it is less valuable. Privately owned mints have the capability to produce coins with equal metal purity, that also have equal eye-appeal and value. Modern bullion coins and bars will always have what type of metal, the weight, and the purity, stamped/minted onto the product. Precious metals are weighed in Troy Ounces.  1 Troy ounce is 31.1 grams, as opposed to a Standard Ounce, which is 28.3 grams. The difference is often exploited by dishonest people when trading coins or jewelry. Precious metals are traded on the current market price ("Spot Price"). Market price is determined by the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The price is updated every second and is the world-wide standard for prices. We generally pay 5% under the market price to buy gold/silver, and charge 5-10% over market to buy items from us.

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