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Refund / Return Policy:

Warranty and Return Policy for New Items: Items are guaranteed to be in working order and free from defects from the manufacturer. Defective items should be returned to the respective warranty repair center for replacement or repair according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy. We will help you any way we can to expedite the process. No refunds or exchanges are accepted. New Firearms sales are final. In the event we have shipped you the wrong firearm, DO NOT take receipt of the item from your dealer. Contact us and we will make arrangements with your dealer to have the item returned at our expense. If we made a mistake shipping any other items, they may be returned if un-opened, unsealed, and in new condition. Buyer pays return shipping unless it was our error.

Warranty and Return Policy for Used Items: Defective items may be returned for refund or store credit within 10 days of receipt of item.  Local customers may return items for store credit, exchange, or free repair, at our option, within 10 days of purchase. No refunds or exchanges will be made without purchase receipt. Sales are final after 10 days. Items must be returned in the same condition as sold, in original packaging and not modified in any way. Buyer pays return shipping unless the item was defective or we made a mistake.

Warranty and Return Policy for Ammunition, Items Marked As-Is, or "Gunsmith Special": No Refunds, returns, or exchanges. Please understand what you are buying before committing to a purchase.


"I have read and agree to these policies. I also agree to release and hold harmless Highway 29 Guns & Gold (including the owner and staff) from any financial, civil, and/or criminal liability resulting from the use or mis-use of the firearms or other products purchased. I understand that the use or mis-use of any firearm can result in damages, injury, or death of the user or persons or damages and destruction to properties nearby, and it is my sole liabilty and responsibility to discharge a firearm safely. I will not pursue and will hold harmless Highway 29 Guns& Gold (including the owner and staff) in any civil or criminal case or suit that arises as a result of the use or mis-use of any firearms or other products purchased. I also understand that any suggestions made by store staff regarding firearms and related laws and regulations are not legal advice and are their opinions only. I have also read and understand the attached “Firearms Safety” guidelines and will use the products purchased in a safe and legal manner".