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Something you gotta have but don't have all the cash for it right now? Use our Free Layaway!

- 4 Months to payoff the item

- No required minimum payments.

- No extra fees or interest!

- Put as little as 20% down.

The layaway program is very simple. you have 4 months to payoff the item. We require you to put down 20% of the price upfront. There are no required monthly or weekly payments and no extra fees or interest. We are very easy to get along with! You will receive an agreement and an emailed copy of all payments. We accept credit cards, checks or money orders.

Layaway terms:

Payments are non-refundable or transferable. Layaway program is for 4 months from the purchase date. You may cancel the layaway at any time. In the event you cancel, you lose your 20% down payment to as as a re-stocking fee. Any additional payments made will be returned to you in the form of non-expiring gift certificates. Grace period is 10 days past item due date. After 10 days past due date, your item is considered abandoned. In the event your item is abandoned, it becomes ours to resell and you lose all payments.