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Need Money? Get Cash Today!


Need $$$ until payday?

Need Vacation Cash?

Have Car Troubles?

Appliance Repairs?

Some other Emergency?


Whatever the reason, we are here to help you 

solve your money problem! 

Whether you need $20 or $2,000, we can help you. Don't worry, we aren't a

 seedy loan-shark pawn shop. We won't use your collateral as hostage to break 

your bank. We want to help your money problem get better, not worse! 

You will find our rates very competitive and easy to understand. Taking out a loan may be easier to manage than you thought. Don't risk wrecking your credit through another agency. Avoid hefty bank fees. We are here to help!

Take advantage of our easy loan programs. Here's how it works:

1) Your loan is secured by collateral. Collateral is an item that you allow us to hold while you pay back your loan. You will need to decide on which item you have that you would like us to appraise. 

2) Bring in your item for an appraisal. Once we decide what the item is worth, we loan you money based on that value.  

3) Once we agree with you on a value and determine the loan amount, all we need to do is copy your driver's license or other valid ID. Once we make an agreement, you get cash on the spot! It's a very quick process, the typical loan takes less than 10 minutes for us to process from start to finish. You will receive a copy of the agreement and we will ensure you understand all the terms before you leave our store.

4) You make payments based on the rates listed below. Once your loan is paid in full, your collateral items are returned to you! 

Items we accept for loan collateral:

Any type 
of Gold, 
Silver, or
Diamond Jewelry.

We can help even if it's broken!
Any type 
of Gold 
or Silver coins & bullion.
Any kind of firearms. Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, & Antiques, we accept them all!

We cannot 
loan money on damaged, 
heavily rusted or 
unsafe firearms.
Firearms related 
lasers, scopes, AR-15 parts, 
Newer electronics:
Xbox One, 
Wii U, PS 4, 
Laptops with
windows 7 or 8, Ipad's, & more.

Name - brand guitars, either acoustic or electric. Doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, but it must be in nice 
condition and a recognizable brand name.
Compound Bows

Must be less than 5 years old.

We don't have an archery expert here, so most loans on bows are capped 
at $50.

Anything else of value that 

we may be interested in.

 We do not accept: Car audio, non-flatscreen TV's, DVD players, desktop PC's, home theater/sound systems, older video game consoles, tools, non-gold watches or jewelry, clothing, gasoline-powered equipment, black-powder rifles, vehicles or vehicle titles, or instruments (other than guitars).

Tip: We can't loan more money than what we decide your item is worth to us, so keep in mind the more money you need, the higher value your item should be. For example, if you need a $200 loan, you will need to bring us something we would determine to be worth at least $200. You can't get a loan for $200 on a TV that was only $180 brand new! Also please keep in mind that items decrease in value when they are used, so you won't be able to borrow the value you paid for an item when it was new.

Current Loan Rates
   After 30 days, you owe 10% of your remaining balance as a minimum 
monthly interest payment. You can pay down as much as you want. This help you payoff the loan faster and helps you avoid costly fees like other pawn loans.
Amount Borrowed:
Interest due (Minimum Payment) within 30 days:
 Minimum due within the next 30 days after your 1st payment:
$10.00 - $25.00
$1.00 - $2.50
$30.00 - $35.00
  $3.00 - $3.50
  $40.00 - $50.00
 $4.00 - $5.00
  $60.00 - $75.00
  $6.00 - $7.50
 $80.00 - $110.00
 $8.00 - $11.00
 $120.00 - $140.00
 $12.00 - $14.00
 $150.00 - $190.00
 $15.00 - $19.00
 $200.00 - $250.00
 $20.00 - $25.00
 $260.00 - $290.00
 $26.00 - $29.00
 $300.00 - $390.00
 $30.00 - $39.00
 $400.00 - $490.00
 $40.00 - $49.00
 $500.00 - $590.00
 $50.00 - $59.00
 10% of Loan
 10% of Remaining Balance

Tip: Most people payoff their loan in the 1st month to avoid any extra interest fees. However, if you can't afford to pay the whole loan back in the first month, we make it easy for you to not lose your item. All you have to do is pay the minimum amount in the last column above (minimum due after 30 days). Anything you pay on top of that comes directly off your balance!


What happens if I can't pay back my loan?
If you fail to make your minimum payment by the due date or fail to pay the loan off completely, we have to sell your collateral items to get our money back. Once you default on the loan, your items become ours to sell. However, unlike a pawn shop, we don't want this to happen to you! We are very easy to deal with and are likely to issue extensions and help you any way we can if you call us and ask. There is an automatic 10 day grace period on all due dates. We want you to get your items back and payoff the loan. It's easier for us to not have to sell your items, but it does happen from time to time. 

If you can't pay the loan off, you get to just "walk away". It's not like a bank loan or other loans. We don't ding your credit score. We don't turn you over to a debt collector. We don't sell your phone number. We are still friends and you are still welcome back to our store.

The fine print: There is a $10 admin fee to cover printing expenses on any loan under $80. Like any other loan, you will pay less interest if you pay your loan off sooner rather than later. We cannot make you a loan if you are under 18. We cannot make you a loan if you don't have a valid ID or drivers license. All items are checked with a national database to ensure they are not stolen. If your loan is firearm related, you must complete a background check (similar to if you were buying a gun). If you cannot complete the ATF paperwork or pass a background check, you will not get your firearms back. You will lose your collateral items if you do not make the minimum monthly payment outlined in the paperwork, regardless of balance owed. All transactions are subject to applicable local and federal laws. We are fully insured.